Saturday, January 24, 2009


I haven't posted in awhile but I do have a life so I do have valid exscuses for not updating as frequently as I used to. I have finally cut my wolf fabric for my quilt. My mom cut my hair short last night. I am going to put funky bright colors in my hair in a week or two. I am editing and writing alot. I love listening to All Time Low and Alesana. I hope to go to the 'The Devil Wears Prada' concert April 30th!.
I think you are now caught up on my recent happenings in my life!
Oh almost forgot to mention Christmas gifts. This year I got:
an hd video camera [that I named Sid]
A purple Ipod nano [that I named Jason]
a $25 dollar gift card for Itunes! [and I got another gift card yesterday, with both cards I have bought, All time low's two cds, Automatic loveletter's ep, Flyleaf's cd, 4 Alesana songs, 1 All american reject song, 2 cartel songs, lady gaga's just dance,2 mayday parade songs, 1 new found glory song, and the red jumpsuit apparratus's cd. I've also gotten several free songs and music videos]
three books which i have just recently finished reading]
ipod speaker and radio clip
and other things too but I don't feel like going into a further explanantion. I am tired of typing so I am going to just end this post and find a new background, and add some music to this boring blog and then get off the computer. bye!