Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Worship Arts Camp quick review

It started out that I couldn't find a ride up to Coolsprings, so I called Jordan who is the youth paster at New Song of SpringHill and he called up Jacqueline's Parents [sorry if I spelt the name wrong] to see if they could give me a ride and they said yes! So at around 4pm we arrived at New song of CoolSprings and I met up with Lily and we both got our folders telling where are classes were and other info. I was taking Worship leading, and Lily took Drama. We soon ate Chick-fil-a for lunch then everyone split into their classes. I learned so much from Kyle, who was the instructor Wednesday, I had no clue just how much work is really put into just one Worship service!

This time I got a ride from Megan and Lauren's parents. We got there and for lunch we ate Lenny's Subs, which so weren't fresh! The yummy chocolate chip cookie was fresher than the sandwich. This day we had Nate Sallie be the instructor!!! He was way cool. He had everyone pick a song to sing and EVERYONE did good, I just kinda missed my ques, two or three times. I just have to say even though he doesn't know about my blog, I have to thank Brad! He was one of the guys who played the guitars for us, and he kept trying to tell me when to start singing and I kept missing it so he actually started singing and I joined in once he started, and if he hadn't of done that I would have choked majorly! So, thank you Brad!

We got to the church at 8:30am and were supposed to go to Nashville Shores. We all headed out and on the way we put 'True Vibe' CD in and of course our wonderful youth paster, Jordan Roe, used to be in the band! So we totally rocked out to it! Then Jordan came up behind us at a stop light and we called him while blasting the CD was way funny but it is one of those things you had to be there for it to be funny!!! So anyways after three wrong turns we finally got there but it was pouring down rain. So we stood out there waiting, then everyone started playing football and Frisbee in the rain. The park manajerks said that the rain would not permit them to open the park that day, so we got vouchers and plan on going next ..........[can't give out the date], We all got back to the church and it had stopped raining!!!! You can just imagine how mad we all were, but we soon got over it cuz some people went to Austina's place to hang, some went to the mall but some stayed at the church till their parents/rides came. It was me, Lily, Hannah, Victoria, Macy and for half of the time Chris [and others whom their name doesn't come to mind at the moment], we played signs, improv games, party host, and others....oh and lily and hannah's dad took us to eat mcd's.

We arrive there at 8:30am and it ended at 4:30 pm. All day the instruments and worship leading workshops were together and we learned tons of stuff about the instruments. Then at 6pm the Saturday youth group worship thing went on, but I couldn't stay for it. So while I waited foe my Mom to come pick me up I watched the Drama group practice. Then Everyone, except worship crew who was practicing, and people waiting for rides, went to the mall till 6pm. Well all who were left got into a prayer circle and all of a sudden my phone starts screeching my ring tone, which is the chorus of 'Pressure' by Paramore recorded live from the concert I went to, and I was so embarrassed! They laughed at it... but its all good now! ha ha

pictures are coming soon


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