Monday, September 22, 2008

ick....anymore bad luck and i think i will lock myself in my closet the rest of the week

If you have any sort of brain then you can tell from the title of this post that i am having a pretty rough week. Three days ago i pulled a muscle, or at least i think thats what i did, between my neck and right shoulder, and it still hurts today. Then to add to the pain in my neck, literally, My throat hurts too!!! But i think the cuase behind that is an ear infection, yes thats right my right ear started hurting yesterday......Now how could this get any worse? Well today i had an eye appointment, and i am even more near sighted than last time! But i have to come back this thursday, cuz something about [get this] my RIGHT eye [yes once agian something on my right side!!!] looks weird or something like that. So i have to go in and get my eyes dialated, oh so much fun.....but at least i finally get new glasses. I would rather not have any at all, but since i have to then i am happy to get new ones!!!
Tomorrow I am going to rent a movie that only i want to watch! Can you say FUN!!!!! i will post a review of the movie.
Until then,
~I am Switzerland~