Thursday, September 11, 2008


Last Thursday we went to Indiana! We had tons of fun. We visited most of our family up there. We went to this place called 'Great Times', which has an arcade, go-cart tracks, bumper boats, put-put and really good pizza. And a ball pit for the little kids. I crashed on the speed track and the second time almost collided with two morons who were showing off, Ha ha! It was fun. The put-put course was kinda lame, but oh well.
We also went to the zoo, and missed seeing Jordan Pruitt perform live by an hour. But I got to see the performance on youtube so Its all good now. The Indiana zoo is amazing! We didn't even get to see about half of it and it blew me away. But the dolphin show was a load of garbage, "change a light bulb, breathe fresh air", how more retarded could you be!?!
We went swimming at the hotel and I slept over at my great grandma's house, which is where I got to watch the last 30 minutes of MTV's VMA. Also I beat mom, Great grandma, and Paul 2 out of three games of aggravation, great gma won the third one, then I quit and mom won one.
We finally got back Tuesday morning at 6am.