Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your frickem kidding me, right? Right!

This is getting pretty weird, at first I didn't really pay any attention to this but then it continues. Last Wednesday, at church, while waiting for the highschool service to begin, I just happened to catch this guy, who looks like a freshman, snapping a picture of me with his phone! When he noticed that I caught him, he put the phone away and flashed this mischievous smile at me. I was just going to drop it, but then Sunday night while playing pingpong with Derik, I noticed the little twerp sitting there staring at us, but mostly me. The whole time we played he sat there.....{but I made a comment to Derik about people who snap pics of people they don;t even know. and the reaction was pretty funny}. And then tonight I noticed the guy and a group of his friends staring at me during service. I'm surprised Derik and Hannah didn't catch it, but maybe I only noticed it because I'm so creeped out by it. Idk? I just wanted to blog about it and get it out of my system. What do ya'll make of this all?