Saturday, March 13, 2010

im going to prom this year

   So my senior prom is coming up in a few months and up until a few weeks ago i wasn't even sure if I was going to go this year. Well a few days ago Nick was texting me and just kinda out of the blue he asks me if I already have an escort to prom. When I told him no he then asked me if he could escort me and I of course told him yes. Now I've got to go dress shoppping and shoe shopping too. :)


WorshipDancer said...

That's awesome! I'm a senior this year also and currently have no escort to the prom...or even a group of friends that can come...have a blast! <3

Anastasia said...

awww thats a bummer. I hope you find some people to go with you!

WorshipDancer said...

Thanks, I hope so too...but It's looking unlikely. I'm homeschooled, and the others just won't come. I'm not very active in my homeschool group cause I am always with my youth group...but they aren't coming...I was thinking about asking another one of my guy friends, but I'm getting pretty tired of being told "no." lol. So I dunno.

Have you done some dress shopping yet?

Anastasia said...

nope i have not but i hope to go soon