Thursday, March 11, 2010

Realization and Deep Thinking.

  In light of recent events that I'd really rather not even talk about right now, I've been thinking. Not just simply thinking but I mean I've been doing some really deep thinking which is quite unusual for me. Coming to the conclusion that I really don't know what to think anymore is just one more frustration to add to the kinda long list right now. To add to that list that I wish I could just burn right now and everything on it would go away and everything could go back to being alright, I have figured something about myself.
  I care to much what people say or think. I look for the easiest thing to say to make people shut-up when they start talking about people or things that I don't want to talk about. I'm always listening to what everyone has to say about who I hang with, who I talk to, who I call friends, and I'm not meaning to call anyone with this post but its several people doing it and I'm really sick of it all. I do have a fully functional brain that can think and figure out things on my own, I know i don't always act like my brain is fully functional but trust me it is. I've made my decision and I'm gonna act on what I think. I really don't care what anyone wants to say anymore, this is my life and my friends.