Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ranting again

I can't even remember the last time I wrote up a rant post but here I go ranting once again. You see what I wrote up earlier about this past Saturday wasn't the whole story of what happened. I never told you what happened after I go home, and i probably shouldn't tell you either but by golly it pissed me off pretty good so I think the idiot involved deserves to be called out.
I had a video chat pulled up and I was talking to Jordan, well Will got on to it too and completely uncalled for decided to be a donkey's butt. Will totally cussed Jordan out and was just ridiculous, and I don't blame Jordan for getting pissed and saying a few things back. Later that night Jordan texted me apologizing for the fact that I had to see that kind of language, he was raised up where you don't talk like that in front of ladies.
I'm still extremely pissed at Will, I had asked him to be nice towards my friends and he can't do that. He just doesn't know how to show some respect. All I want is an apology, I don't even expect him to apologize to Jordan (although that would be nice) but i do expect him to apologize to me. Lets face it though, i know I wont ever get that apology and he will just keep pissing me off until I lose my temper.
One more thing that gets my goat. I want to know why when I'm nice this guy I like act like a jerk but when I return the favor and act like a witch, he is all nice and crap. So fed up with some people right now and its not even funny.