Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life throws you curve balls sometimes

Well you try to plan for everything but you just cant plan for every possible thing that might happen to you. I've recently gotten engaged to Nick. We were at the mall with two of my closest friends Lily and Bethany, looking at some odd skirts at Earthbound when he proposed. :)
  Then retardly I was heading somewhere I shouldn't have been going and it was late at night, and I dont know what happened maybe I dozed off for a few seconds or maybe its cuz I was crying too hard and couldn't see the road, but I plowed through two mailboxes while driving my mums van. Needless to say I tried to cover up the truth and ended up in so much damn trouble. A few days later I got into an argument with my mum and got myself kicked out of her house with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back and those were awfully filthy pjs that I will admit to wearing three nights in a row. I couldnt get anything, no money, no clothes, nothing......except I had my ipod in my pocket cuz thats where it always is, it lives there. And a few days later I got my cellphone. Nicks mom took me to get a week worth of clothes, and bathroom must haves, she spent over $150 on me. :/
    About a week later (which was two weeks ago), I fell extremely ill. Running an extremely high fever that never completely broke, a severe headache that no amount of meds would make it disappear, awful chills and shivering, and vomited a few times too. At one point, not only could I not eat but I couldn't even keep any liquids down either. After being sick for about six days I finally broke down and let Nick take me to the walk-in clinic and it turns out that I had a kidney infection, pyelo is the short name of the exact illness. They said I was so sick that it was close to going septic and that I really should have been sent to the E.R. but instead they decided to give me a shot of antibiotics in the ass (which the meds stung so much. ugh I'm a wimp about needles and pain but especially needles) and give me some antibiotic pills to take over the next week. Well I've been completely back to normal for just a few days now and I'm wondering why I waited so long to go to the docter. Stubborn as a mule, I am.
   Friday I sat around waiting to go hang out with my pal Hayley and just randomly decided RIGHT before I had to head out, that I would redye my hair the burgundy color again. I barely had time to rinse it all out before I left.
    So I get to town at target and waited around for my friend for about 45minutes, then decided to go wait at goodwill. Finally I decided, "Fuck it!  I'm not waiting anymore." So I texted a few other friends and got my old pal Cameron to hangout with me. I went and picked him up, and we headed out to the mall in Franklin.  Walking around in circles really wore me out that night, once I got home I passed out pretty quickly.
    Why does old drama never really die? Issues involving my ex arose once again. Its all a she said he said he said, Word got through from my ex to two people i used to talk to and the rumors got thru to one of Nick's friends ears and the peace all blew up. I'm just sick of it all, I don't want to hear it anymore, people need to just shutup and actually let me be happy for once.
   This evening my Mum, Mark, and siblings came over for dinner. Me and Nick fixed spaghetti, mini corn dogs, french fries, and fried mushrooms and good lord is was delicious. I'm so glad they were able to come and I'm hoping my siblings will come spend the night with us this weekend.
   I think I'm done explaining about all the curve balls life has been thrown at me lately. If anybody reading this feels bummed out about the curve balls life has thrown at them recently, why not talk to me. I'd really enjoy talking to someone else who feels the same way.
This is a song that cameron shared with me friday, and I'm completely addicted to it so I'll share it with you now:


NKT said...

I love you babe

Anonymous said...

congrats on the engagement!