Thursday, October 28, 2010

We all fuck up sometimes......

  Well guess what my loyal readers......I've done it again! I've found just new wonderful ways to fuck my life up. I'm wondering if maybe its something I've inherited from my family or something, some rich ole' bugger out there want to invest millions of dollars into finding out? Nope, I didn't think so.
   While I sit here in my Inventing Arguments english class writing this when I should most probably be listening to Mrs. Bailey talk about this book we had to read. The Ender's Game, it was a really interesting book an dI'm looking forward to finding the follow-up book. ^_^
  So I know all of you are just at the edge of your seats screaming at me to tell you how I have messed up this time.....maybe I've just decided I don't want to tell you. WAIT wait!!!! Come back here and finish reading this blogpost please. I was just joking, I don't want to lose my wonderful readers.
 Alright,alrighty so you want to know what the brilliant cheeze-it did this time.  Get this......I've ruined my relationship with Nick once again. I'm obviously a major sadist. Wouldn't you agree, I mean I had a wonderful fiance and an amazing life with him ahead of me and I had to not just throw it out the window but I kicked it out of a shut window, shattering the glass which then ripped what ever was left of the relationship to shreds. I'm not proud of my mistakes at all. The guilt from the whole situation almost literally eats me alive every single day. It's worse at night when I'm laying in bed, everyone around me asleep, my insomnia, the memories and his words all around me.......woah, ok back to normal Anastasia who has no normal human feelings.
  Hey! Has anyone every realized how extremely hard it is to blog and try to make your words seem like they make sense while your trying to pay attention to the class lesson....hahahahahahaahahaha
  I need to end this blog post since I'm sure you can tell my brain just ran away. Time to go write or edit one of my books!!! ^_^
*There is alot that I've left out about what I've been up to lately and my mistakes but I may decide to share it with you later....if someone will message me to remind me first.*
        I love my readers,
                          Anastasia Renee' Gomes