Monday, May 19, 2008

Paramore @ Merrel Crawfish Boil 2008

I have mentioned that I was going to the Crawfish boil to see Paramore. Well I did, and I took Lily. We both had the most amazing time ever!!!!!!!! We were able to get a nice spot in the mosh pit, and were so awesomely close! It is safe to say that I would go to another concert of theirs and coontinue to buy any new cds of theirs! Watch ALL these videos to see just some of the fun we had. I am not able to locate all of the songs played but here are most of them. I will try and post my pictures ASAP!
'Let the Flames Begin' was the opening song.

'Born for This'

'For a Pessimist, I'm pretty Optimistic'

This song, near the end one of the guys does a flip over the other guy while both are still playing their guitars! Just like in the music video! BTW This is my all time favorite song by Paramore! 'Pressure'


Everyone loved Paramore SOOOOO very much they decided to do an encore song, so here it is! 'Misery Business'


Milly said...

btw, for anyone who cares i do have both their cds,
'all we know is falling'

milly said...

for everyone who doesn't want to do a little research [in other woeds...lily] the mystery dude playing guitar in the right corner, his name is Taylor! He has also helped write some of the songs too! Am I good or what?

Angellove said...

I love them The consert was amazing,