Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A much needed new post

I am sorry to have neglected my blog readers agian, but I have been busy with Nanowrimo. I have four days left and 20,000 words left to do, so I will not be posting for at least another week. But after I am done with Nano, I have around nine post waiting to be writen. Until then you will have to live with this post.
I forgot to mention how I recieved a $20 walmart gift card from Lynn, well I spent it. While me and my mom were out watching Twilight on opening night, we afterwards went to Walmart. I bought two adorable shirts, some highlight stuff [yay], and some other stuff.
Now you didn't really think I would mention the Twilight movie but not give you my opinioon did you? Thats what I thought...and this is what else I thought. I loved the movie, it was awesomeness! My mom who hasn't read the books yet even liked it. I was a bit disappointed about some of my favorite scenes and qoutes being cut out but I still loved it! Also, am I the only who who noticed Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, appeared in the movie? One last thing about Twilight, The baseball scene was my absolute favorite!
Sorry to cut this post short but my novel is calling me, so I have to go!